Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Safe Travels Aunt Jan!

We had a wonderful time on Friday night with everybody. Great family, great hosts (and hostesses), great pizza & salad! ;) All around a fantastic gathering! Aunt Jan, it was wonderful you were able to come for a visit, I only wish you were feeling better on Friday. I think maybe you just wanted to "Be like Mike" and drink Gatorade. LOL In all sincerity, I'm really glad come Saturday you were feeling better and that it wasn't something more serious. We hope you have safe travels back to Vegas!

We're having a difficult time believing summer is nearly over... I'm not sure where the heck it went, but I'm on the committee to bring it back... a.s.a.p! Chris is really enjoying his new office at Keefe. He's been welcomed with open arms and warmest hugs from agents he's been friends with for a very long time. He's finally on their team and part of the family. We couldn't have asked for a better blessing at this unique time!

Tay & Breezy, good luck with going back to school... we hope you both are excited to see your friends again and looking forward to what this school year brings!

Much love to all!


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