Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Been a While...

It's been a while since we've had a post on here dearest family! I thought we'd share some love with everybody! Dad, we hope your final board meeting with the M&I went well. We were thinking about you and are really proud they honored your commitment.

Diana darling, I've been thinking about you. Sending you loads of love and hoping you are doing okay. Just know sweetie we are always here for you - love & support, that's what family is all about! :) Big virtual hugs to Scott & Tay too! Tay, how did your play turn out??? Are you enjoying some time off or is it "no rest for the wicked??" LOL

Sometimes impromptu dashes to the custard stand make some of the best memories!!! :) This afternoon we made an impromptu stop at Adrian's Custard in Burlington... home of THE BEST (seriously, the best) homemade custard. We met up with the Raab family and were able to share one final lick of the ice cream cone with Mark before he journeys down to Texas.

Mark, we wish you safe travels, and lots of love. Take all our love in your heart with you and we hope you gain the experience you need so you can come back to WI quickly! Breezy & Lor, we're here for you while Mark is on the road... call anytime.

Here's a little slice about the true meaning of life... love... and family! XOXO to all! ~Dawn

Love at the Custard Stand
-Even better than Charles Peterson's work... ;)

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