Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are!

So our mama raccoon has decided her stay at our B&B was not-to-be for her and her babies.

She left under the cloak of night Sunday night, and Monday morning she was gone. I think the sound of 2 dogs barking in the kitchen & living room - right over her head - caused a bit too much stress for our mama-to-be.

So we said good-bye & good luck! But our wildlife story does end there.

Yesterday after our huge rainstorm, I looked out the window and look what I saw wandering down our driveway...

Yes, this is our new friend Ted the Turtle. By the time I got the camera and got out side, he had waddled into the grass. I got down to shell level to get to know Ted the Turtle better, he's middle aged, lives in the pond next door, and likes long walks in soft, green grass. If you happen to bump into a single, Tina Turtle, Ted's number is 1-800-Got-Shell.

Isn't he cute?

Then just this morning, Chris saw a mother deer and her new bambi out in our yard... funny enough, Mama was introducing Bambi to our beautiful flower gardens... "Yes sweetie, this is where you can get an endless supply of leafy, delectable greens. Don't worry about the dogs, run just past the yard and you can stand there an laugh at them because they can't cross the line."

I'll get a picture, of them soon. Mama got spooked when Chris tried to open the window, so she took her baby back into the woods. But we'll get a picture to share soon~

Happy Graduation Day Breezy!

Love to all!
Dawn the Critter Whisperer

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