Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Free-Loading Tenant!

Well Breezy & Tay, this is your last week of school for this year... time to celebrate! Woo hoo! I'd say break out the swimsuits and lounge in the sun, but who am I kidding? What sun? With this crummy cold weather you'd think we are only in April... not June!

So yesterday Chris went out to put some water on the veggie garden and as he turned the hose on he heard a rustling in the leaves in the window well right next to the spicket. While it's not unusual to get a mouse or a chipmunk in there... no need to panic. When he pulled away the boards that create a lean-to (so we don't get water in the window well) he found something quite on the contrary...

Look at our new freeloading tenant!

I do believe she's here for the long haul... at least 6-8 weeks. She was really getting comfy and has a very large belly on her. So I do believe over the course of the next few days we'll be having baby raccoons... kits as I'm told they are called.

This picture is looking at the window well from Chris' Desk. It's a real life version of "Where the Wild Things Are!" So we put the boards back up to create her lean-to so she can have her babies in peace.

Hope all your adventures this week are wild ones! Lots of Love to all!

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