Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

Ello Luvs!

Here we find ourselves, Jan 6th already!! Vacations are over in the Raab household (sadness) and normalcy returns. In a minute, Chancey and I are going on the first walk we've had in about 6 weeks. Hope he doesn't pull me the whole 2 miles!! My time and patience paid off with the pedi-paws nail groomer and I can do his nails anywhere at any time now.

My latest favorite delight is a hot shower and SLATHERING (just kidding, use sparingly!) Origins MMMMMMMM!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone who contributed to these decadant, joyfilled moments. The gifts that keep on giving!!

Breezy registers for highschool in a couple weeks and is very excited!! Mark's still looking for Christmas cookies!! Everyone here is happy and healthy and sassy as ever, and we hope this finds all of our beloved family doing as well. Love to you all...xoxo..lori

1 loving comments from the family:

Dawn Doucette said...

Lori dearest... Welcome to Blogland and thanks for the post!

I recommend a saddle for your sweet puppy-horse Chancey! LOL I still have to pick up batteries for our Pedi-paws. I spaced it last time I was at Wallyworld... and with the ice we have in the driveway, I'm beginning to think my calling was to be a figure skater! NOT!!!!! :)

I'm so glad you are taking the time to pamper yourself... hot shower or hot bath, there's something soothing about a good soak. Right?

High School registration for Breezy already... holy cow. That's a major step! I know she's looking forward to it, and I'm guessing she has the inside scoop on who the good teachers are and who's dreaded.

It's all fun and I'm excited for you guys! Give everybody lots of hugs & kisses from Christo & I.