Friday, January 30, 2009

Nothing in Particular

There's NEVER been an onion grown that is too overpowering for the Raab's!!

Last time we made warm vanilla sauce, Mark wondered outloud (we do alot of that over here!) how it would taste if it was made w/ milk instead of water. I realized that was the basic recipe for homemade vanilla pudding that Jeno's Mom taught us how to make in 4H a million years'd just have to cook at a lower heat because milk burns much faster than water. We'll try it next time.

Is it spring yet?!?
love to all xoxox

1 loving comments from the family:

Dawn Doucette said...

LOL... the onion comment brings tears to my eyes.... LOL

Hope you're ready for the heat wave this weekend! It might be wet and sloppy, but all our K-9 kids don't mind running in the mud and tracking it back inside!

Love to all! Smooches!