Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laugh of the day!

I am pretty sure my purpose here on earth is to bring smiles and laughter to everybody's lives I touch. So here's my contribution to your smile today!

The story starts like this... it's a typical Tuesday out running errands. I have many stops with the final stop being some grocery shopping at Walmart. Due to inclement weather and an extensive list of things to get, I opted not to walk this time... although maybe I should have... more on that in a minute.

Upon finishing my shopping (and no shopping trip to Walmart would be complete without visiting all 4 corners of that ginormous store) ☺ I check out, and pushed my shopping cart to the car to load my groceries. I unlocked the car, threw my purse in the front seat and loaded my plethora of items and bags into the back seat. Oh, I'm so excited, I bought myself a new pillow... the first in at least 5 if not 10 years... can't wait to get home to take a nap... Oh yeah!

I know, hurry along Aesop... But this is where my fable gets good...

I push my cart into the cart rack, walk back to my car, open my door, set my purse on the floor and proceed to get in the car and shut the door.... on the PASSENGER side. I look over waiting for Chris to get in the drivers side... but alas, he didn't come with me. Boy do I look goofy sitting in my own car awaiting my driver...

Now that you are probably rolling on the floor laughing, there's one final chuckle in this whole exciting ordeal... that's the 2nd time I've done that in the last year. Last time I actually got in the back seat closed the door and thought I was going to get home that way.

Hope your day is a bit more ummmm, less confusing than mine! Lots of Love to all!

Have a splendiforous afternoon!

Dawn... officially proof... it really is all downhill after 27

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