Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring is coming... is your green thumb ready?

This is the during... I should have taken a "Before pic... ooops!

Spring is coming, I know it is. Today I thought I'd help it along... I was repotting my beloved Aloe Plant!

Here's the Aloe Plant Story... About 2 years ago, I was up at my grandma's house, and she was watering all her indoor plants when a sprout of aloe broke off . She gave it to me saying if I went home and put it in a glass of water, it would root and I could plant it.

So I did.... and so it did! My little 2" sprig of Aloe rooted and I planted it in a beautiful piece of pottery. (The 3rd from the right in the photo below.) It sits in the really sunny window in our kitchen. Over the years, it had grown so much it was overflowing the pot and had "aloe vines" growing down the side, outside the pot. (I really should have transplanted it about 6 months ago.)

My one little sprig of aloe turned into 5 full size plants, 2 small planters and another full size planter that's up in our bedroom (not in the picture.) Crazy, I know, but I wanted to share with you. Aloe is a heaven sent plant, honestly I love it... from cuts to burns, it's amazing for chapped lips and dry skin. I love it... seriously, even Chris will testify to how bizarre my love of Aloe is.

It felt sooooooo good to get my hands in the dirt. Really, at least it's my little patch of sunshine during this cold winter.

Hope you are all having a loving, green day! Lots of love from our sunny corner of the world to yours!! ♥

So here's my after picture of most of my plants.

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